Bedding set

Bedding sets are available in various colors, designs and can have three or more parts.

It all depends on your needs and taste. Parents of the children who were born during the winter will choose warmer sets. On the other hand, parents of the babies who were born in summer days will choose thinner sets so it wouldn’t be too warm for their child. You can put a bumper in the bed and protect your baby from possible injuries. Beside this practical use, bumper also has aesthetic role similar to baldachins and nets against mosquitoes. Choose sets of neutral colors and designs in case you don’t know whether you will have daughter or son. It would be good to have two bedding set so while you wash one you can use the other one.

We are also offering you possibility of individual buying of sheets, pillows, covers, blankets and all the other things that will make the bed the most comfortable and safest place for your baby. Very often, parents buy sleeping bags beside bedding sets. Sleeping bags are just perfect for the babies that throw away their covers during the night. With sleeping bags you are providing warmth and comfort to your child and you can sleep without worrying that your baby will catch a cold. Please, pay attention on the fabric of bedding sets or sleeping bags. Cotton is always the best solution for sensitive and gentle baby skin. When you buy products made of cotton you are reducing risk of allergic reactions on baby’s skin that can show up due to use of products that have various admixtures of synthetic fibers.

As your child grows, he or she will need warmer and thinner blankets. You can wrap your child in a blanket to keep him or her warm when you are going for a walk or travelling. We are offering you blankets of various dimension, designs , warmer and thinner.

Light during the night is crucial in the first months of your baby’s life. Some parents don’t stop using it even when their child starts to go to school. Light during the night provides necessary visibility to parents and they can easily feed or calm down their baby. Beside that, light during the night gives child a sense of safety because he or she can immediately see their surroundings and not be afraid of the dark.

Your baby has to go out for the first time or you have to take it home from maternity hospital? Some parents choose a basket or a car seat that can be easily removed and placed on a seat in your car while constantly supporting sensitive spine of your newborn baby.

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