Jersey Knit Bamboo Waterproof Crib Mattress Cover by Amy Carinn Collection

Jersey Knit Bamboo Waterproof Crib Mattress Cover by Amy Carinn Collection is a product you must have.


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Product Description

Color: White

  • ACCIDENTS MADE EASY – When accidents do happen – and they’re going to – there’s no extra time in any moms schedule for a lengthy laundry session. If you’re still air-drying your crib mattress protector, it’s time for an upgrade to the Amy Carinn Collection. (Machine wash, machine dry (low/delicate heat), clean in no-time.)
  • EXCEPTIONALLY SNUG – While the standard waterproof crib mattress cover has a 6″ skirt, our 28″ X 52″ crib pad makes everything easier by giving you a 9″ skirt with exceptional elasticity. We keep in mind that some mattresses may be thicker or include a topper, because we want our protectors to hug your little one’s mattress almost as tight as you hug them.
  • BEDTIME BLISS (for baby and you) – Amy Carinn Collection crib mattress covers are ALL designed to keep dust mites, mildew, mold and allergens away. If there’s one place that needs to be clean, it’s your baby’s crib. Sleep easy, mom.
  • ONE MATTRESS WONDER – Our crib mattress pad stops leaks where they start, using the most effective (PP & PU) waterproof materials. No accident should ever affect the mattress, so Amy Carinn Collection protectors are designed to hold up to 84 oz of fluid without dripping a single drop.
  • CUDDLY, CLEAN COMFORT – Your baby may not know what jersey knitted bamboo fiber is, but it’ll be easy to see, each night at bedtime, just how comfortable and content they are sleeping on it. A second layer made of soft polyester underneath this bamboo layer provides quiet comfort, which makes for a soft sleep and sweet dreams.